"Let deeds, not words, be your adorning"

Consulting Services


1. New Patient Acquisition

There many channels through which you can obtain more new patients. We will gauge your performance on each area and see where you need to improve or even shift your focus in to new areas if needed.

2. Production Growth

Cutting cost, increasing hygiene visits, robust recall system, longer hours! Confused how to increase your production? Let us shed lights on this matter for you . . . just make an appointment by calling us now.


3. Staff Training

We understand that front desk staff behavior and expertise either build or brake your practice. Through our performance evaluation we determine the level of your staff’s expertise then we compare that against industry benchmark and provide you a report of our findings with appropriate recommendations.

4. Optimize Your Practice Processes & Culture

Your practise culture has a direct effect on new patient acquisition and retention. Your practice culture says a lot about you and brings out your true identity not only to your patients but also to your staff. Is your culture business oriented, or market oriented? Through our business flow evaluation process we validate your current culture and then through consultation with you we establish if that is the best fit for your practice.


5. Data Driven Strategies & Solutions

We don’t have a crystal ball . . . every decision we make, every plan we create and every solution we implement is based on data analysis and our performance evaluation results. We never assume or guess when it comes down to plans effecting your business. We based our strategy on evidences and hard facts. That’s how we minimize the risk.


6. Social Media Strategy

It’s no brainer that you need to have an online presence. But is Facebook more effective that google ad words? Or I just need to have a website with live chat? Should I advertise my service or provide education material? If you are confused, you are not the only one. This is one of the areas where most dental offices spend thousands of dollars without having a monitoring system in place to gauge the outcome. We can go over your online strategy, modify it or create one and establish a monitoring system in place to monitor results.

7. Patient Retention

In reality patient retention is even more important than New Patient Acquisition, because your existing patients can do the best advertising every business owner wish for, do you know what that is? WORD OF MOUTH, it’s also free advertising. People don’t like to change their dentist as often as you think. However little mishaps can trigger the thoughts of switching dentist in your patient’s mind. This is where our performance evaluation is critical to identify any issues.