IT Managed Services


1. Virtualization

This feature creates a virtual version of the resource, such as a Desktop OS or server. Basically this feature provides savings in energy and Hardware resources, and assist in disaster recovery plans.​

2. Hybrid Environment

Hybrid Environment is a cloud computing environment that utilizes a combination of on-premise and cloud objects and services to enhance your operation and eliminate any latency in operating complicated computer software. Enhancing your network speed and efficiency.​

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3. Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an essential part of any IT planning & infrastructure to ensure continuity. It focuses on keeping all aspects of your business running despite any disaster like (flood, fire, power outage, earth quick…) that might affect your business.​

4. Cybersecurity

A proper Cybersecurity planning will protect your networks and programs from cyber/digital attacks. Most Cyberattacks are usually focusing on accessing, altering, or deleting sensitive information. In some case cyber attacker’s main purpose is to extort money from you by interrupting your normal business processes. We design and implement a robust cybersecurity protection plan specifically, design for your dental offices.​


5. Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based, subscription model of Microsoft’s products suite like Microsoft Office modules, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Also depending on the plan chosen, you may also include other apps & services such as Publisher (media and printing), OneDrive (storage), Exchange (file sharing), Access (database), and Skype (video conferencing). We’ll determine according to your requirements what office 365 solutions will be essential for your practice and properly implement them as seems fit.​

6. Microsoft Servers and Services

Microsoft server runs MS operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation. This operating system is a more powerful version of its desktop operating system counterpart. These servers are designed to efficiently handle corporate/office network, Internet, hosting, databases and your CRM (client retention management software).​Audio/Video installation & outfitting and any other related network installation and provisioning.


7. Network (Active and Passive) Support

At IT Dental, we provide full support for all of your hardware and software needs. This includes ensuring all your network components like computers, printers, monitors, servers as well as all the related software are up & running at all times. We also provide a comprehensive IT service for office like; cabling & wiring, switching, routing, Audio/Video installation & outfitting and any other related network installation and provisioning.

8. Remote Access

Through this feature, you can enable your employees or yourself to have access to office network resources. This will be done through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) securely and 100% impenetrable. Whether traveling or at home or working from another location you can always have secure remote access to your practice network.


9. Network Maintenance

Network Maintenance is an essential part of our business. By conducting regular the maintenance we make sure to:

  • Renew all the Licenses
  • Update antivirus and firmware software
  • Updating your email server
  • Updating Desktop and Server OS (Patch Management)
  • Check your switches, routers and all the hardware for efficiency
  • Update all documentation
  • Check remote access points and activities
  • Check network performance
  • Run a comprehensive security check on the entire network
  • Provide a detail report

Some maintenances are done nightly, some weekly and some quarterly. You will be notified of a complete schedule ahead of time. Upon completion of any regular maintenance, you will get a report on the status of your network.

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